New Release: Poly Studio P Series

Author: Paige  

5 March 2021 

New Release: Poly Studio P Series main image New Release: Poly Studio P Series image

Have you been looking for Professional-grade video devices, or are you unhappy with your current video devices? Well, look no further! Poly has just released the Poly Studio P Series personal video devices. They will make sure you are putting your best face forward when it comes to your video calls.

The Poly P series:

  • Poly Studio P5 Personal Webcam
  • Poly Studio P15 Personal Video Bar
  • Poly Studio P21 Personal Meeting Display
  • Poly Studio P5 Kit

The Poly P series is one of Poly's new premium video products to ensure your meetings can run anywhere, every time.  The Poly P series really is a strong new competitor in the video device market.

High-Performance Video Conferencing 

The Poly P series devices ensure you are looking your best and sound your best during any meeting at any time. The Premium camera lens allows for a professional-quality experience during a call for all users. We all know the difficultly of trying to find the best lighting for conferences calls. The high-performance cameras also lift your video call game as they compensate for lighting imbalances allowing you always to look your best wherever you are working. The camera optics also ensure your personal clutter are out of view during work calls as the cameras are enhanced to focus on you and not on your surroundings.   An integrated privacy shutter ensures all control over the video is in your hands to ensure your video is secure.  

Sleek Sound 

Not only will the P series make you look fantastic, but it will allow you to sound great. Poly’s P series devices' sound quality is highly tuned for precision, richer and clear audio no matter where you are. The premium audio is also built to allow you to focus and eliminate distractions. The P series has been created with the best-in-class noise-cancelling microphones that detect vocal tones and eliminate background distractions.

Products to Fit all your needs

The Poly P series allows you to choose from various solutions and bundles to perfectly match your work style and needs. Anyone can use these devices! From entry-level employees, students for online learning and even top executives! Not only can it be used by anyone, but you can also use it from any device, anywhere. The robust IT cloud management and troubleshooting allow it to be versatile for any device. The poly lens allows IT to manage and track devices from anywhere. This will allow everyone and everything to be up to date, no matter where they are located.

Easy to use 

The Poly P series devices are also simple and easy to set up and use. The easy-to-use design allows it to start running as quickly as it is to remove it from the box. The Poly P series comes with full audio, video, management software ensures the right solution for any work style. You can adjust your device experience through personalised controls and alerts through the Poly Lens Desktop app. It allows you to get the most out of your workspace.  The Poly series is not only about helping your workspace but also your wellbeing, as it will alert you with gentle health and wellness reminders to ensure you are taking care of your wellbeing.

So not only does the Poly series allow you to look good, hear and be heard, but it allows you to present yourself in the most professional and polished image. It will ensure your calls make the remote feel less distant. If you want the best device for your calls, you should look into the Poly P series, it will ensure you are not just showing up to your calls, but you are standing out.

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