Poly Sync 20 Review: Is It the Next Best Speakerphone?

Author: Paige  

8 January 2021 

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 When first opening the newly available Poly Sync 20 you cannot help but question if it is really the next best product for workplaces. Well after testing out this product, I can assure you it is very well worth buying. When reading about the new and innovative wireless speakerphone for working from home, it sounded too good to be true. How can a speakerphone be even better than using my smartphone or headset? The device has been designed to specifically make communication easier, which is beneficial with many working from home. The sync 20 can connect to both your smart phone and PC through Bluetooth connection or you can connect it to your PC using the USB-A cord attached to the speakerphone. This review will cover both the Bluetooth for the smartphone and USB-A connection to my PC.

First impressions

The product is quite compact and could easily be carried around in my bag or backpack. The Lanyard at first seems to be impossible to connect to the device but if you patiently slide the chord through it works like a charm! The lanyard is a great design feature to promote how portable this device is. The Case is quite minimal and stylish, it really could fit into any work environment. The choice of an elastic band to ensure closure of case worked perfectly! My Velcro or zipper cases seem to also break, so I am all for this design feature. A minor finding, I had was that the portable speakerphone does not come fully charged so I recommend plugging it into your PC to allow for it to charge up before using it.


To set up on the mobile phone was simple and easy to manage. All I had to do was turn the device on using the power button on the side and then connected my phone via Bluetooth. It was such a quick set up, really focused on making the process of using the device quick and easy. The same happened with the setup using the USB-A adaptor! After connecting the Poly Sync 20 all you need to do is download the Plantronics Hub software which will allow you to customize the speakerphone’s rocket button. An interesting icon choice but very intriguing, but I ended up choosing the play music option which was quite impressive. Overall, the setup was fast and easy, I was really impressed.

Product Usability

To get the full scope of the product I had to run some tests with my colleagues to ensure the Poly Sync 20 was living up to its reputation. First off, the calls when using the Sync 20 had picked up voices so much better than my mobile phone. When using the speakerphone for your call, the caller on the other end has clear audio! Even from standing back around 2 meters from the speaker my voice was still being picked up quite well. I would like to test it more with a larger group to see how well It would work within a busy workplace. But overall, the product is user-friendly and very straight forward to use. I have yet to test the 20-hour lasting battery life but currently it has been in use for a few hours and it is still producing high quality sound.

The product was not only great for using in the workplace but was perfect for listening to music while at home. The speakers were great with really no problems with the audio. The speaker really was high-quality, and I will most likely use this product over my usual speakers since it is easier to transport and I can use it for work. My favourite feature I found was the speaker’s USB port that can connect to my smart phone. This was an important design feature that I am impressed was added as we all have the struggle of needing the charge our devices on the go.

Microsoft teams

A great feature is the Poly Sync 20 being Microsoft teams certified! This was a great addition as it is an integral part of how most people collaborate with their peers and other companies. The teams allowed it to be easy to set up without needing IT help or search online for the user guide. I was amazed bout the dedicated Microsoft team button that when pressed launched open my Teams app! Just a tap and boom there was my Teams app.


Overall, the only problem I had was with putting the lanyard on the speaker phone! The Poly Sync 20 really is a high-quality product that is functional for most workplaces or even for downtime at home. Really if you are looking for a sleek compact device for yourself or workplace go no further than the Poly Sync 20. With multimedia high quality sound, various smart features and simple to set up, you cannot get any better then that!


Available Models: 

Mircosoft Teams Certified

Standard Version 

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