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2 January 2019 

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Skype is a popular voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology for placing and conducting voice calls over digital data networks. Modern businesses have many ways to access Skype services, including computer software, tablet applications, desktop phones, and headsets. Telrex offers a complete range of hardware Skype solutions to meet your telecommunications needs, including powerful Bluetooth options such as Jabra and Plantronics Skype for Business headsets.

What is Skype for Business?

Skype for Business is a popular voice and instant messaging client that can be used with online or server technology. This service used to be known as Lync and is currently making the transition to Windows Phone. Skype for Business is enterprise software that includes many of the features that businesses rely on every day, including instant messaging, VoIP, and video conferencing.

Skype for Business can be used with a wide range of software and hardware, with headsets often used as a way to provide seamless integration between flexible software and robust hardware systems. We offer a number of headsets that are Microsoft and Skype for Business certified, allowing businesses to access call control and high definition audio while reducing call costs and increasing mobility.

Skype for Business with a headset

There are many ways to access the Skype for Business communications platform, including the Plantronics portfolio from Unified Communications and the Jabra portfolio. These headset solutions can be used as standalone or in combination with conventional desktop phone systems. As the most widely recognised solution for voice calls and video conferencing, Skype for Business is the perfect match for headset technology.

Benefits of Skype with a headset

Voice over IP provides a number of advantages to businesses, including cheaper calls, better audio quality, tighter integration with other resources, video calls, and a range of personalisation features that are not available on conventional phones. When headsets are used to access Skype, individuals can also improve their mobility and enhance their productivity.

Having a trusted audio endpoint that is affordable to operate and effortless to use is a major asset to any business. High-quality stereo headsets and noise cancelling microphones make it easier to communicate on the go than ever before, with modern VoIP headsets allowing crystal clear calls that are impossible to achieve with traditional analogue technology.

Plantronics Focus and Jabra Evolve 65 are two fantastic Bluetooth headset options available from Telrex, with comfort, quality audio, and easy integration with other equipment guaranteed.

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