VoIP Business Phone Systems

Choosing a VoIP phone system can help save your business money.

Unlike regular phone calls which use phone lines, VoIP calls travel across the internet. This can help you save on your business phone bills as you are using bandwidth and not a phone network. Another bonus of business VoIP phone systems is cheaper line rentals. With VoIP you are purchasing your phone line directly from a VoIP supplier and not companies renting phone lines and purchasing calls from Telstra and on-selling them to you with a huge mark up.

Why choose a VoIP phone system?

Best of all, if your company has multiple offices or you work from a variety locations you can talk for free if both have VoIP business phones. We’ve taken all the guess work out of picking what you need to implement your Business VoIP system with our phone system packages from a variety of brands such as Aristel, LG and NEC at an unbeatable price.

Is your business ready to make the change to VoIP?

Contact one of our TW experts today on 1300 665 970 or contact us online. We'll create a customised VoIP phone system quote to suit your business and feature requests at a competitive price. If you're shopping around, we'll even check competitors quotes to make sure you're getting the best price.