About Poly RealPresence Group 310-720P with EagleEye IV 4x Camera (7200-65340-012)


REALPRESENCE GROUP 310 Optimized for smaller groups, the RealPresence Group 310 solution is ideal for small meeting rooms, huddle rooms, and personal workspaces.

It features:

  • Simple installation and compact, sleek design for quick and easy deployment. 
  • Is the only standards-based group video conferencing system that is certified with Skype for Business and Office 365, making it easy to connect without changing the way you work.
  • Smaller meeting rooms need a solution that is right-sized for the space. However, small size and price does not have to mean a sacrifice in performance. RealPresence Group 310 supports 1080p60 video resolution, adding a new level of clarity and realism to your business communications. Content can be sent and received in up to 1080p60 quality, and it’s easy to share using the HDMI or VGA connections or wirelessly from your laptop or mobile device. For advanced content collaboration, connect to Pano with up to 4 users at the same time plus annotation and whiteboarding when using a touch display.
  • Designed for smaller rooms with a single display. However, a second display output can be activated via an optional license key, providing the flexibility to add another monitor if needed.
  • Supports the same accessories and camera innovations as the rest of the RealPresence Group Series product line, such as EagleEye Producer, EagleEye Director II, and RealPresence Touch. This allows you to offer similar experiences in your smaller rooms as you do in larger spaces for consistency and improved ease of use throughout your organization.

About Poly

As a trusted Poly partner, Telrex is proud to offer a full range of headsets, conference phones, business phones, video conferencing, software, and services. Poly's wide range of communication solutions allows your business to stay connected regardless of your team's location. Our Telrexperts have helped thousands of clients in various industries, from government and education to healthcare and financial services. 

Product Type: Video conferencing kit

Product Name: Poly RealPresence Group 310-720p - video conferencing kit - with EagleEye IV-4x camera

Dimensions (WxDxH): 28.7 cm x 12.2 cm x 3.05 cm

Weight: 1.07 kg

Max Transfer Rate: 3 Mbps

Video Input: Digital video camera

Video Output: Codec board - 1920 x 1200

Audio Input: Microphone

Input Device: Remote control (wireless)

Networking: Network adapter - Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet

Power: AC 120/230 V (50/60 Hz)

Bundled with   EagleEye IV-4x camera


SKU 7200-65340-012
Brand Poly
1 Year Warranty

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SKU: 7200-65340-012

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