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Free Trial Terms

  1. By applying to participate in a trial of Poly hardware, software or services (“Product”), you agree to abide by these terms and conditions together with any end user license agreement and any service description terms which may be applicable together with the Poly Sales Promotion Terms.
  2. Eligibility to participate in a trial of the Products shall be as determined in these Terms and as may be further set out in the trial description. Telrex shall, in its sole discretion, be permitted to refuse any application for the trial of a Product for any reason.
  3. The period of the trial shall be as set out in the trial description (“Trial Period”). The Trial Period may not be extended unless Telrex grants an extension, in writing, in its sole discretion.
  4. At the end of the Trial Period, you are required, at your own cost and at your own risk, to return the complete Product in its original condition and with all of its original packaging, in-box material, accessories and cables to Telrex using such return method as Telrex directs. Incomplete returns or damaged returned products may incur a charge equivalent to the then current manufacturer’s recommended selling price of the Product.
  5. The Product shall remain the property of Telrex at all times and you are required to take reasonable care of the Product and follow all recommended maintenance requirements in respect of such Product. No right to purchase the Product or to extend the Trial Period shall arise.
  6. The Product may be a new or refurbished product.
  7. The Product must be used, at all times, in accordance with its instructions.
  8. By participating in the trial of the Product, you agree that Telrex, its agents and representatives may contact you for the purposes of marketing Poly products and services.

Available products for trial include, but are not limited to: Poly Blackwire C5210 USB-A Wired Headset, Poly Blackwire C5220 USB-A Wired Headset, Poly Voyager Focus 2 UC Bluetooth USB-A Wireless Headset.