About Pomodoro Timer with custom timings and Busy Light

Luxafor Pomodoro Timer allows you to create better working habits by splitting your workday into manageable blocks without forgetting to take a break.

Pomodoro time pre-set to 25 minutes and is backlit red, and the beginning is indicated with Blue Flashes pattern and a vibration
Short Break is pre-set to 5 minutes and is backlit yellow, and the beginning is indicated with Yellow Flashes pattern and a vibration
Long Break is pre-set to 15 minutes and is backlit green, and the beginning is indicated by Purple flashes pattern and a vibration


  • Set up the length of Pomodoros, Short Break and Long Break
  • Choose from a variety of patterns to play whenever a Pomodoro or a break starts
  • Define how many cycles it will take before the Long Break comes
  • Pick the colour for the Pomodoros and Breaks
  • Adjust the brightness of LEDs to suit your needs

Experience productivity like never before with the Luxafor Pomodoro Timer Busy Light - a state-of-the-art, aesthetic Pomodoro timer designed for modern professionals.

Content: Working in an environment that's buzzing with activities can be chaotic, and staying focused can seem like an uphill battle. This is where our Luxafor Pomodoro Timer Busy Light steps in. Designed as a desktop Pomodoro timer, it helps you balance concentration and relaxation seamlessly, making your workflow more productive.

The Luxafor Pomodoro Timer Busy Light is more than just a time tracker; it's a visual reminder of your commitment to focusing on the task. It offers a stylish aesthetic Pomodoro timer, ensuring your workspace not only becomes more productive but also more visually pleasing.

For those with ADHD, this Pomodoro visual timer can be a game-changer. The visually striking lights serve as a constant, gentle reminder to stay focused. Moreover, this ADHD Pomodoro timer can be customised to fit your unique needs, making your work or study sessions more effective.


  • An aesthetic Pomodoro timer to enhance the visual appeal of your workspace.
  • A powerful tool for individuals with ADHD to manage their focus.
  • A desktop Pomodoro timer that blends in seamlessly with your workspace.
  • A customisable Pomodoro timer allows you to tailor your work and break sessions according to your preferences.
  • A Pomodoro visual timer that uses colour-coded signals to denote focus and relaxation periods.


1. How does the Luxafor Pomodoro Timer Busy Light help with productivity? The Luxafor Pomodoro Timer uses the proven Pomodoro technique, breaking down your work into intervals separated by short breaks. This helps improve focus and productivity.

2. How is this product useful for people with ADHD? People with ADHD often struggle with maintaining focus for long periods. The visual cues from this ADHD Pomodoro timer provide a constant, subtle reminder to stay on task.

3. How can I customise the Luxafor Pomodoro Timer? The Luxafor Pomodoro Timer Busy Light comes with software that allows you to adjust the timing and color signals to suit your working style and preferences.

Experience a boost in productivity and focus with the Luxafor Pomodoro Timer Busy Light. It's not just a timer, it's a tool for a more balanced and productive work life.

About Luxafor

Are you tired of interruptions during your workday? Do you want a solution that can help you stay focused and avoid distractions? Luxafor has got you covered!


  • Dimensions: 52 x 52 x 27 mm
  • Weight: 31g
  • Light: 6 x RGB LEDs
  • Consumption: Rated power up to 0.5 W
  • Charging: USB powered (With a standard micro USB data cable provided in the packaging)
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