Audio and video conferencing: getting started

20 December 2018 

Effective communication is one of the most vital components of any successful business. In fact, the exchange of information, ideas, and insights among employees and between employees and clients forms the backbone of most companies.

If you are looking to implement a streamlined communication tool for your business, audio and/or video conferencing technology could be the solution. Let’s have a look at the benefits of conferencing in more detail.

Five benefits of audio conferencing

How can your business benefit from audio conferencing? Here are just five of the many advantages:

  1. Audio conferencing is a cost-effective solution. Imagine if you and your staff had to travel far and wide to meet with clients and other key players. There’s no doubt about it – that scenario would be expensive. Audio conferencing is a communication tool that makes costly travel redundant.
  2. Audio conferencing is convenient. When it comes to communication, convenience is key. Audio conferencing, sometimes referred to as teleconferencing, can take place anywhere, at any time.
  3. Audio conferencing is reliable. Invest in the right technology, and your audio conferences will run smoothly every single time.
  4. Audio conferencing connects many people at the same time. Not only can you connect with clients located throughout Australia and the world, you can also engage and collaborate with remote employees more readily.
  5. Audio conferencing saves time. Time is money, right? Well, without the need to travel long distances, audio conferencing saves a whole ton of time. This, in turn, will boost productivity.

What do I need to set up audio or video conferencing in my business?

The answer to this question depends on what your business needs and goals are and on the type of communication equipment you currently have set up. Basic equipment may include:

  • Headsets
  • Conference stations or speakerphones
  • Video camera
  • Microphones
  • Conferencing software, such as Skype for Business

Our team can tailor an audio or video conferencing solution to meet your unique requirements. We only stock the highest quality brands, including Polycom, Jabra, Plantronics, Logitech, Clear One, and more. Plus, we offer both IP and stand analogue solutions, so you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best products available.

Do I need to change my current phone system?

Again, the answer to this depends on the nature of your business’s current communication technology.

In the majority of cases, your new audio and video conferencing setup will complement your current communication tools, especially if you use a web-based program such as Skype. If you don’t, we can reorganise your technology to create a streamlined phone system that you can rely on.

Please feel free to get in connect with our team on 1300 665 970 with any questions. Our friendly experts are happy to help you navigate your way toward effective, reliable, and convenient communication.

Skype for Business vs. Microsoft Lync: what’s the difference?

Skype for Business is not a competitor of Microsoft Lync. Instead, Skype for Business has replaced Microsoft Lync. The upgrade has given Microsoft Lync the familiar look and feel of Skype while maintaining its much-loved business capabilities.

If you run a smaller business, you may not need Skype for Business at all. Regular Skype allows conference calls with up to 25 individual users. Skype for Business, on the other hand, enables a whopping 250 callers to connect.

That being said, Skype for Business offers a whole host of business productivity tools and security updates, making it a worthwhile investment. Again, we are more than happy to walk you through the advantages and drawbacks of different conferencing software.

Start communicating effectively today

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