Choosing a Server Rack

3 September 2018 

Choosing the correct server cabinet is a crucial part of the design process for your network or office. There are many things you need to consider, such the size of both the data rack and the components.

Coms In A Box provides a complete data cabinet solution for routers, network equipment, UPS equipment, telephone systems, PABX systems, patch panels and switches. Each kit comes with a wall mountable cabinet with a lockable tough glass front door, removable vented side panels, double cabinet top fan vents and a set of cage nuts and bolts.

The term rack unit, RU or U is an EIA standard unit used to describe the height of any equipment that can be mounted in a 19 or 23 inch rack. One RU is 44.45mm high / 1.75 inches or 3 bolt holes. The size of rack equipment is described by a U number. One rack unit would be 1RU or simply 1U. For example, a 6RU data cabinet would provide 266.70mm (10.5 inches) of space or room for 6 1U sized pieces of rack equipment.

What size data cabinet or IT server rack do I need?

When comparing data cabinets and server racks, you should count the total amount of rack units required and then consider any future upgrades or expansions because data cabinets cannot be extended or expanded. Remember that bulky power cables and cabling management may require additional cabinet space.

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