How to Choose a Business Headset

11 December 2018 

When you choose a business headset, then you have got some options. Get them right and your headset will make your working day faster, simpler and easier. Get it wrong and you might simply stop using it altogether.

First, you have to opt for a one-eared (monaural) or a headset that sits in both ears. There are pros and cons to both systems and a monaural headset can be useful if you have to confer with colleagues while you're on a call.

If you need to speak to staff around you regularly, then the full binaural headset could even be restrictive. Conversely, if you need to focus on your calls and work, then a full headset can also help cancel noise from the workplace.

How You Work Shapes Your Headset Decisions

Think about the way you work and the best headset for each and every staff member. Different groups will have differing requirements and choosing the right headsets could boost your productivity significantly.

Connectivity and Range Are Crucial With Headsets

Also, decide in advance on the level of connectivity you want. Some operators can simply plug their headset into their desktop system. This can save you money.

Others, though, might need to move freely around the office and they will require a Bluetooth wireless business headset that can connect to any VoIP system that you have in place.

Consider the range of potential headsets. If some of your staff roam the whole length of the company, they need to be connected throughout their whole territory.

Jabra and Plantronics: The Market Leading Business Headsets

The Jabra Evolve line is the next-level in connectivity, and inevitably that comes at a premium. If you're looking for alternatives, the Plantronics Savi allows for connections to a desktop, smartphone and VoIP or desk phone at the same time.

Jabra and Plantronics are two of the leading names in the industry and have established a reputation for reliability and simplicity. Most of this equipment is plug-and-play, and even complex multi-line set-ups can take minutes. That's important, especially if you're installing multiple headsets in a business environment.

Both Jabra and Plantronics pride themselves on seamless installation through tried and trusted technology that any computer-savvy person already knows and uses every day. You might save money buying cheaper brands, and there are some excellent budget options, but some buyers prefer to place their faith in a brand. Often it's one they have used before.

Boost Productivity With Business Headsets

By taking your technology to the next generation of business headsets, you can start to implement other changes within the workforce. Employees with a lot of typing can switch to dictation software that should lighten their workload and make them more efficient. Others can use noise-cancelling features when they have to focus on the job at hand. 

These are just two small examples of how the right business headsets can streamline your workplace. It's an investment in your workforce that should pay off for years to come.