Do you have Telstra DOT system problems?

30 August 2018 

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Over the years, we’ve had a significant number of customers approach us with Telstra DOT (Digital Office Technology) issues. Unfortunately, we can’t always help.

Telstra DOT is a money-saving solution for Telstra that is sold indiscriminately to customers throughout the country. Although businesses with fast internet connections may benefit from this product, those without will suffer.

The performance you get from Telstra DOT cannot be improved if your internet connection is at its maximum speed. So, if your business is losing valuable time with Telstra DOT, we suggest disconnecting from the service and seeking something better.

Let’s break down this issue in more detail.

What is Telstra DOT?

Telstra DOT is a product designed for small businesses that bundles together an internet connection and office phones. Internet is delivered through a traditional ADSL connection, and phones utilise Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. In theory, it’s a cost-effective communication solution perfect for the modern-day small business.

The thing is – the reality is very different.

Telstra sells their DOT services to businesses throughout Australia with next to no regard to whether or not it will function effectively. This leaves many businesses with frustratingly slow internet and unreliable phone systems.

Why so many businesses have problems with Telstra DOT

With Telstra DOT, the included VoIP system is reliant on the ADSL connection – and there lies the big problem.

The majority of suburban and rural businesses just don’t have access to the ADSL speeds necessary to support both a VoIP phone system and an office internet connection; they are located too far away from their nearest telephone exchange. In fact, we estimate that under 10 percent of businesses using Telstra DOT have the 20 Mb/s speed necessary for it to function as intended.

The results are poor speeds, call drop-outs, and unreliable connections – all of which make it difficult to run your business properly.

What to do next

We’ve lost count of the number of business owners that have contacted us asking for help with their Telstra DOT system. And unfortunately, if they are not willing to switch service, we just can’t help.

The thing is, if your ADSL speed is at its maximum, there is no way to improve your connection short of picking up your business premise and moving it closer to your local exchange.

We strongly suggest cancelling Telstra DOT and moving to a communication solution that meets the unique needs, goals, and limitations of your business. Our team is happy to chat with you and devise a customised plan that you can rely on. Give us a call on 1300 665 970 today.

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