New In: Jabra engage 75 DECT Headset Stereo User Review

Author: Paige  

27 January 2021 

New In: Jabra engage 75 DECT Headset Stereo User Review main image New In: Jabra engage 75 DECT Headset Stereo User Review image

How good is the new Jabra engage 75 DECT stereo headset? Well after trialing this model out for the past few weeks I here are some handy insights.

The Jabra engage 75 DECT headset stereo model is promoted to have an industry-leading wireless performance which I would rate as quite true. The headset worked great while in the office and even while taking calls at home. A great feature I found was I could use it not only for my desktop but also for my iPhone which was quite handy when taking calls on the go.

Setup - Phone & Desktop 

It was quite easy to set up the product with both an iPhone and Laptop. When connecting to the laptop there is a micro-USB cable supplied with the touch-screen display base. The USB cable needed to be plugged into a computer port and after selecting the preferred language on the headset base the setup wizard should be available on the laptop. From there it is just following simple instructions and customising the headset to your needs. When connecting to mobile devices (can connect to two devices!) it easily is paired using Bluetooth. Just plug in the display base, tap the settings, find the mobile device and tap new. There will be onscreen instructions to help with the device pairings. This product was easy to pair with devices and the instructions available were clear and concise to follow. 

DECT Range 

While using it in the office in the office the Jabra Engage 75 Headset’s DECT range was impeccable. Even away from my device, the headset performance was of the highest quality. The wide DECT range is quite useful it allows users to focus more on calls instead of worrying about dropping out of the call when walking away.

Battery Life 

When testing the battery life of the product it seemed to meet its expected time of 13 hours. It did take a bit of time out of the day to charge back to 100% but charging it after hours seemed like the best option since it lasted the whole workday. When charging using the new touchscreen base it was easy to control. It showed what devices were connected, call controls for the headset as well as the battery life of the product. Using the micro-USB charger found in the base was a lot easier to use when trying the dock, the headset. At first, the setup seemed like a lot but was actually very simple to follow as it has on-screen setup instructions to help you along.

Build of Headset 

The actual build of the headset allows for more efficiency when taking calls or listening to audio. There are controls on the side of the headset which allows for adjusting the volume, muting, and options to answer or end calls. Not only is it built for efficiency it is comfortable to wear when using it for hours on end. This allowed for more productivity as you did not have to take it off due to discomfort, it really was a great choice for long workdays. Although when wearing glasses, it did fit a little awkwardly but after a few minutes of readjusting it fit a bit better. There is also a busy red light integrated onto the tip of the microphone and headset which can be activated while taking a call or can be done manually. This ensures you are not interrupted while on call and colleagues around were able to visually see you were busy.

Additional Notes

The product will continue to pair with mobile devices after pairing. So when the headset is on, in range of your phone, and has Bluetooth enabled then your device will connect automatically. When pairing with mobile devices it can only pair with 2. When pairing with a third device it will replace a previous device that has been paired. 

Overall, the Jabra Engage DECT Headset Stereo performed exceptionally both in the office and at home. The high-quality audio, great battery life, and the DECT range really made this product one of the best and most useful headsets to buy. If you want a headset to use with your phone and desktop then this is the product for you.

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