Experience the EPOS difference

Author: Molly  

13 July 2021 

Experience the EPOS difference main image Experience the EPOS difference image

EPOS offers a range of headset solutions to suit your individual business needs. Choosing the right headset can be difficult when you can’t find a product suited for your individual needs. EPOS has developed high-quality technology that is created for your need. From comfort, quality, noise-cancelling, and more, an EPOS business headset is for you.

Working in an environment where you’re struggling to hear customers or even your own thoughts can be stressful. Or have you ever experienced headset fatigue? This stress on your body and your work is easily fixed by using an EPOS Business Headset.

Active noise cancellation is used to create a rich sound experience every time you use the EPOS Headset. This technology uses microphones to pick up low-frequency sounds and neutralise them before reaching your ear. This removes any distractions or stresses from your work.

EPOS use ActiveGard® technology to protect against acoustic shocks. This technology creates sound clarity by compressing signals within safe decibel levels. Sophisticated technology such as this will help to prevent hearing loss or other serious hearing issues.

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