How the HP and Poly Merger Benefits You

Author: Paige  

29 December 2022 

How the HP and Poly Merger Benefits You  main image How the HP and Poly Merger Benefits You  image

The increase in remote and hybrid work has led to high demand for tools that enable new forms of collaboration and teamwork. This led to two great forces merging. This positioning the future of hybrid work at the forefront of business solutions. As stated, as a single company, they are stronger and better able to innovate for our customers and partners as they strive to reimagine how work is done.

Who are we speaking of? Hewlett Packard (HP) and Poly (previously Plantronics) have officially merged with the future of office solutions, becoming more exciting than ever. A major leap Poly has taken since the days of Plantronics & Polycom, but we are excited to see what this merger will bring for the future of audio and video conferencing. Polycom & Plantronics Merging was remarkable, and we know that this Merge with HP will also obtain even more support for all customers. 

We have been a proud Poly Partner and look forward to seeing all customers gain more innovation in their homes, offices and travel experiences. This acquisition has strengthened both companies by combining HP's expertise in personal systems and printing with Poly's expertise in audio and video communication technology. It is an exciting time to work with Poly, and we will help you adjust to this merger change.


Advantages of the Merge for You 

Greater Poly Products & Innovative Features  

A major positive for this acquisition of Poly by HP allows further expansion of high-quality video conferencing and audio equipment, which are in high demand as more and more companies shift to remote work. So, if you want to upgrade your workspace, prepare for the upcoming innovative products. The merger with HP will also result in increased innovation, as the two companies will work together to create new products and features that will benefit customers. 


Stronger Support

The merger will allow customers access to HP's support infrastructure, increasing the level of technical assistance and service they will receive. We look forward to improved support for you all and the future of our distribution of the wonderful Poly Products. The increase in resources and information means businesses are supported, and customers can have a holistic purchasing experience. Not only elevating workspaces but customer service as well!


New Markets & Expanding Supply Chain  

For Poly especially, the acquisition by HP provides access to the resources and distribution channels of a larger company. This will help Poly grow and expand its reach to new markets, particularly in personal systems and printing, where HP has a strong presence. This means you might be able to acquire your Poly Solutions faster than ever.

The combined strengths of HP and Poly will allow both companies to serve you as customers better and expand into new markets. It also offers enterprise customers a broad range of communication & collaboration solutions that can be deployed seamlessly with workstations & personal systems. 


Technology Integration  

This merger has allowed a greater seamless integration with HP products such as laptops, monitors, and docking stations, giving customers an integrated experience. So be prepared for an elevated experience with your Poly Headsets and HP products.  

When it comes to pairing Poly products with HP products, here are a few options that can provide you with a great first experience with the seamless and integrated experience: 


  • Poly Studio X family video bars These video bars are designed to work seamlessly with HP's PCs and laptops, providing customers with a plug-and-play solution for high-quality video conferencing. 
  • Poly EncorePro, a family of headsets These headsets are compatible with HP's PCs and laptops and can be paired with HP's USB-C hub or dock for an integrated audio experience. 
  • Poly Elara 60 This is a phone case specifically designed to fit in the HP Elite X3 that connects via USB-C; it also has several keys to access the HP Elite X3 functionalities, which can help increase the productivity of mobile users. 
  • Poly CCX family of IP phones These IP phones are compatible with HP's PCs and laptops and can be paired with HP's USB-C hub or dock for an integrated audio experience. They are built for enterprise customers with enterprise-level features, security, and management. 
  • Poly G7500 This high-end video conferencing system can be paired with HP's EliteDisplay series to have a powerful and cohesive video conferencing setup. 


These Poly products are designed to work seamlessly with HP's PCs and laptops. They can provide you with a wide range of features and functionalities that can enhance your communication and collaboration experience. If you need more support finding the best product for you and your Poly Solutions, contact our Telrex Experts Today.  

Overall, the acquisition of Poly by HP is a strategic move that allows both companies to strengthen their positions in the market and offer a wider range of products and services to their customers. Buying Poly's headsets as part of HP's communication and collaboration solutions can provide you with high-quality audio, comfortable fit, noise cancellation, durability, and a wide range of compatibility options, among other benefits. 


Are you interested in a Poly Product? 

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