iPECS eMG80 and iPECS UCP Business Phone Systems

31 July 2022 

iPECS eMG80 and iPECS UCP Business Phone Systems main image iPECS eMG80 and iPECS UCP Business Phone Systems image

A reliable and efficient phone system is crucial for every modern business. iPECS business phone systems are based on unified communications technology, with these systems designed to help businesses deliver a greater degree of connectivity and collaboration. Made by Ericsson-LG, these systems enable better communications through mobile integration and clever interface design.

Here at Telrex, we offer two distinctive iPECS phone systems, both of which feature the simple and unified user interface that makes these designs so well regarded.

iPECS eMG80 business phone system

The iPECS eMG80 is a hybrid IP/TDM communications platform for voice and mobility services. While this single site phone system has been designed with small and growing businesses in mind, its clever and unified approach also offers affordable expandability. The iPECS eMG80 enables businesses to mix and match technologies or transition between technologies with ease.

The iPECS eMG80 system is a great option for small or medium businesses. It works well with 2-12 users and has the capability for more than 100 ports. Simple installation and maintenance is a big feature, including the use of advanced HTML5-based Web admin and the Web Manager Install Wizard. Applications include Transfer, Caller Id, Message On Hold and many more.

This cost-effective and easily expandable VoIP technology supports low-cost SIP trunking, remote connectivity, multi-site networking, and both on and off-premise mobility. Other features include integrated voicemail, centralised attendant, email notification, mobile extension, personal groups and more.

iPECS UCP business phone system

The iPECS UCP is a complex multi-site solution designed to help businesses with communication and collaboration. Now more than ever, large businesses depend on efficient and robust networks to stay connected with all of their stakeholders. The iPECS UCP provides easy integration with a range of technologies, including video, conference calls, visual voicemail, instant messaging and more. All of these services are provided on one simple and-easy-to use platform.

The distributed and modular architecture of the UCP system features geographic redundancy and other flexible features that help your business to adapt and grow over time. Included applications are integrated into the standard office applications that you're already familiar with, including Microsoft Outlook, Lync and many others.

Additional features include video conferencing, mobile client, embedded SIP, and embedded hotel features among others. Above all else, the iPECS UCP system is designed to support business growth through flexibility and connectivity - any time and any place.

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