NBN Good or Bad For Business

NBN is it Good or Bad for Business? Watching Businesses be forced to Transform to NBN. 

No internet access for days unless you have paid extra for 4G Back up. Unskilled salespeople selling upgraded NBN phones systems, When Most people have an NBN compatible system. My facts come from people selling me there older or current perfectly good phone systems.

But then the plus side is the Features of newer Hosted cloud system phone systems. 

I guess some of the frustration comes from my limited 4G coverage and LOW  speed of 1.42 Mbps ADSL2.  Me working from sharing the internet with a family of 6.  Purchased my house based on getting NBN Dec 2018. Looking forward to My NBN connection January 2020 

Work from home is the way of the future LOL 


A good friend of mine had a letter sent to his business with a cut date of 8th November 2019 for his old cooper phone services.

maybe late Dec 2019 or January 2020  for NBN 


We talk about the cost of NBN on tax payers , but we forget the added costs on buiness 








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