Luxafor Flag LED Busy Light! Perfect for Your Workplace

Author: Paige  

31 August 2022 

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The workplace. It can be overwhelmingly busy and when you are tied up with calls you need to make sure you are not going to be interrupted. Well, the Luxafor Flag USB LED busy light is a product perfect for performance-driven team player’s ready to take back control over their workplace distractions. The inexpensive USB device lights up in either green or red to show your office mates when you are too busy or when you are free to chat.

Do you ever struggle with people continually walking up behind you to check if you were on a call? When just wearing a Bluetooth earpiece or headset, it is a major struggle to determine if you are on a call with a customer and not just listening to audio or watching a video. The Luxafor Flag is perfect for alerting co-workers in an open office when you are on a call, eliminating the issue of distractions. The LED flag automatically changes colour using your integrated Skype calendar (GREEN available, RED busy). The flag also has a manual option to switch colours if you need time to focus. 

The Luxafor FLag does not just have to be set to when you are available or busy, but has so many other great custom options. A favourite of mine is to set the flag to blink for custom notifications. A great option is to setup the flag to notify when there is an unread email in your inbox or maybe when your conputer  receives an email which contains a specific keyword. This will help keep you up to date with the most burning issues only.

So why not try out the Luxafor Flag USB LED busy light and see how it helps boost your individual productivity and to skyrocket any of your business goals! Take control of your productivity by better controlling your workflow. The adaptable product can tailor the functionality to your needs, with the easy-to-use pre-built features! or you can even create your own via our API.

Did you know the Luxafor Flag can be setup with Skype and Microsoft teams! This allows you to keep track of your scheduled meetings and calls. Really this gadget is perfect for anyone looking to keep on track with their tasks. You won't miss your online work meetings with the Luxafor Flag! 

When purchasing make sure you purchase a cable suitable for your workplace. The Luxafor Flag has 2 available cable sizes: 0.5m or 1.5m.

How to Use:

It is quick and easy to set up the USB gadget! You can sit back and enjoy easy set up and functionality on both Mac and Windows. First you need to install it with a magnet wherever you want it to be easily noticeable and at a distance easy to connect to via your USB port. After the installation just hop onto the Luxafor website to download the software which is very user-friendly. Using the Software, you can change the LED colour using a slider for colour selection or colour presets. Not only can you change the colour but also the brightness of the LED Flag. If you are using the USB flag and want to connect an API or if you want to connect a third-party software, you can do that!


  • Indicator with 0.5m or 1.5m Cable

Are you interested in new Luxafor Flag USB LED busy light for your business?

Telex is proud to be a Luxafor Partner. Contact us on today on 1300 665 970 to discuss your requirements. Whether you have 1 user or 10,000 users, we can help with a solution and incredibly competitive pricing.

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