Warning: Two Battery Options for CS540 Headsets

Author: Paige  

22 January 2021 

Warning: Two Battery Options for CS540 Headsets main image Warning: Two Battery Options for CS540 Headsets image

The lightweight and stylish wireless Plantronics CS540 headsets has had a slight modification to its batteries for new stock. So instead of easily choosing one new replacement battery, you must take your headset battery out to determine the correct model.

This inconvenience for your life got worse because if you are using your headset to call us for help for your CS540, you will need to turn off your headset just to check which model battery you need. Well, we have you covered! Before you call us all you need to do is remove the battery and determine how many pins there are located at the end of the wire connection.

Another problem is how do you even remove the battery?

Follow these steps to safely remove your CS450 battery to check the model:

  1. Remove battery cover by sliding it off.
  2. When the cover is removed then pull the batter from the attachment clip.
  3. Hold the battery connector and safely disconnect it from the headset.

Difference Between Models 

The connector will either have 2 or three pins at the end. This will help you determine which model you have for your CS540 Headset. If you are needing a new model battery, the new model will have 3 pins as shown in the picture under ‘New Model’. The old model will only have 2 which is still available to purchase from us. The main problem with this model change is that you cannot use a 2 pin model spare battery in a new headset requiring 3 pins. So ensure you purchase the correct battery for your CS540 headset. 


Are you interested in new spare cs540 headset battery?

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