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7 September 2018 

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How we communicate has fundamentally changed over the last few years, with businesses now using internet and data services for voice communications. Skype is one of the most trusted names in online telecommunications, with Skype for Business providing a range of extended services for commercial enterprises around the world. Along with its popular online application, Skype is also available through standard desktop phones and headsets.

What is Skype for Business?

Skype for Business is an instant messaging and voice client used with online or server technology. This enterprise software combines features of Lync business technology with the consumer software Skype. This solution uses voice over IP (VoIP) technology to transmit voice calls over an IP network, with desktop phones and headsets available to businesses who don't want to be tied to a computer. Skype for Business is currently making a transition to Windows Phone.

Skype for Business with your desktop phone

While Skype is often associated with online applications or headsets, it can also be used with desktop phones. Using Skype IP technology with standard desk phones is easier than ever before, with companies offering a number of seamless solutions designed to meet the needs of modern businesses. We provide a range of Skype-ready desktop phone solutions, including the Polycom range, the Audiocodes range, and the Yealink range.

Polycom features a wide selection of Skype-equipped desk phones, including a new range of vvx250, vvx350, and vvx450 phones. These desktop business IP phones feature multiple lines, ethernet ports, and high-definition sound quality that you simply can't get from analogue technology. Similar solutions are also available from Audiocodes and Yealink, with Telrex offering modern businesses more choice than ever before.

Benefits of Skype with a desktop phone

The integration of Skype with conventional phone technology provides modern businesses with the best of both worlds. The flexibility and cost savings of IP communications can now be merged with robust hardware solutions that are easy to integrate into the modern office environment. Desktop phones always have and always will be the backbone of the business environment, with Telrex helping businesses to access new telecommunications technology backed by reliable hardware.

Skype and other IP solutions offer a number of advantages to businesses, helping them to save money on phone calls, communicate more easily in a range of locations and environments, and enjoy feature-rich systems such as programmable buttons and teleconferencing capability. When Skype for Business is integrated with conventional desktop phones, it's easy to scale your telecommunications system and configure your hardware to meet your growing needs.

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