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Author: Paige  

29 April 2022 

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Jabra is an innovative brand specialising in audio equipment and videoconferencing systems catered to your every need. Jabra’s expertly designed headsets are built to remove distractions, such as workplace noise or unsatisfactory audio setup, so that you can be focused and productive.

Not only does Jabra focus on your individual needs, but their main priority is to encourage collaboration between colleagues and customers through online connective technology. If you are looking for a product that supports collaboration and productivity – at work, home, or even while travelling – then Jabra is the brand for you.

With the 2020 Jabra Australian and New Zealand Reseller of the year Award and the 2020 Jabra APAC Reseller of the year Award, we sure know our stuff when pairing your needs to the best Jabra products.

Remove the stress of inadequate audio and video conferencing technology and contact us about finding the best Jabra product for you. Recently, Jabra has developed some fantastic products perfect for your individual and collaborative needs.

Jabra Evolve 75

The Jabra Evolve 75 is one of the best wireless headsets on the market, especially if you are looking for a product to stop those unwanted distractions in any work environment. The Evolve 75 is designed with pioneering speaker technology and HD microphone technology to allow your voice to sound the best on every call.  The Evolve 75 is also a significant contender for customers wanting more freedom with their headsets. This product has dual Bluetooth connectivity, meaning you can connect to up to two devices when listening to music or while on a call.  If you are looking for a headset that allows you freedom and innovation, Jabra Evolve 75 is the product for you.

Jabra Engage 75

The Jabra Engage 75 DECT Headset Stereo performed exceptionally both in the office and at home. The high-quality audio, excellent battery life, and the DECT range made this product one of the best and most valuable headsets to buy. If you want a headset to use with your phone and desktop, this is the product for you. Here are only a handful of the fantastic features on offer by the Jabra Engage 75

  • Directional noise cancellation technology

  • Battery Life of 13 hours

  • Dual connectivity for up to 5 devices

  • Touch screen technology

  • Able to travel with you

Jabra Evolve 40

If you need a sleek and professional headset, look no further than the Jabra Evolve 2 40 series. This headset is known for its cutting-edge call and noise-cancelling technology. Making sure you experience exceptional comfort throughout your workday. The Evolve 40 has 3-microphone technology built, enhancing your calls and reducing background conversation to ensure your voice is the central focus. If you need a professional and no stress headset, look no further than the Microsoft certified Jabra Evolve 2 40 series.

Jabra Evolve 65

The Jabra Evolve 65 is one of the best headsets on offer by Jabra. This is due to its enhanced noise cancellation built for office environments and battery life of up to 37 hours. The Evolve 65 allows users to choose between Bluetooth and USB connectivity, allowing ease of use when in the office or working from home. This headset integrates 3 digital micro-electromechanical systems that are paired with an exceptional microphone array. Business-grade technology, such as this, is used to ensure isolated voice control for busy office and home environments. The major selling point here is the outstanding battery life of up to 37 hours, allowing you to concentrate while on task without having to keep charging or changing batteries mid-call. If you are looking for an all-rounded headset for all your professional needs, the Jabra Evolve 65 should be your top choice.

These are only a handful of the exceptional products Jabra has on offer. If you are still unsure of the product that will fit within your professional environment, why not give us a call, and we can support you in finding the perfect model for you.


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