How to set up a conference call on NEC SL and SV phone systems

20 December 2018 

Works for NEC SL and SV systems: Models SL1100, SL2100, SV8100 and SV9100

To set up a Conference Call:

  1. While on an Outside call or connected to your first party
  2. Press Conf Button under screen, hear dial tone
  3. Dial an outside line or second party extension
  4. When called party answers: press Add button under screen (Repeat steps 2-4 to add more parties. Maximum of 16 internal or external parties can be conferenced).
  5. Press ADD under display Press Begin to start conference
  6. Hang Up

NOTE: While call is active, 2 lines on the phone system will be busy.

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no add button

By: on 3 April 2021
where do you find the add button as our phones appears to be missing it

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