USB-A Vs. USB-C: Is there a Difference?

Author: Paige  

6 January 2021 

USB-A Vs. USB-C: Is there a Difference? main image USB-A Vs. USB-C: Is there a Difference? image

In today’s world there are so many different devices and with devices comes along USB cables. Do you know the difference between the USB types? I sure did not, I would just match the shapes and hope my device would start charging.

At first the variety of USB standards can be overwhelming especially when trying to figure out which USB standard option you need for you devices. The most common forms of USB are the USB-A and USB-C which are used with most popular devices today. The main problem is knowing the difference between the two which is essential if you are using any kind of device or chargers in your life. To figure out the difference all you need to do is look at the end of your cable, well that is the fastest option.

What is a USB-A?

The Universal Serial Bus or the USB type A is the most popular standard of USB in the world. This USB standard can be found on almost every devices USB cables. These are most notably used for gaming consoles, mobile devices, desktop computers and other media players. The USB-A takes shape of a rectangle which is easy to spot on most laptops. It sometimes takes a few tries to connect as we all know the struggles of flipping it around just to figure out you had it the correct way around in the first place.

What is a USB-C?

The USB type C is a slimmer sized standard of USB, measuring at 8.3 mm by 2.5mm. This standard is a favourite due to its various advantages due to its small build. The compact size can fit a variety of devices even small peripheral devices used by many today. Not only is it the perfect size but it has a rapid transfer rate allowing a fast data transfer rate.  The USB-C are used for devices like speakers, wireless mice, keyboards, smart home devices and are swiftly being manufactured onto flash drives, storage devices and external hard drives.  The USB has an oval like shape and is a third of the size of the USB-A.

Fun Fact

A fun fact as well is that they also have genders! So, to ensure you will have no problems using your USB cords you need to make sure you have male to female USB systems. This will ensure you can plug your chord into the port without having to worry about it not fitting.

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