About Snom M5 - Repeater for wireless DECT base

M5 Range Extending Repeater Wideband

Extend the range of your DECT base / multicell.

The Snom M5 DECT Repeater is ideally suited to extend the range of almost (except the M400) any Snom DECT base (M300, M700 & M900), regardless of whether they are running in multi-cell mode or as a single base,

This also increases the transmitting and receiving ranges of the Snom DECT handsets. All that is required for use is a power outlet within radio range of the base or the nearest repeater, a chain. You can connect up to three repeaters in series to one base.

The Snom M5 repeater cannot establish a connection between two bases of a multicell, so it cannot serve as a bridge.

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Brand Snom
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