About TP-Link RackMount Kit-13/13-inch Switches Rack Mount Kit

Compatible with TP-Link 13-inch rack mount switches and other products.

If not sure about the model of the switch, please measure the size of the mounting ears and the hole spacing of the switch, can be used if they match.

Reliable metal materials are selected, which are sturdy and durable, and the installation is firm and not easy to fall.

There are many compatible models, please pay attention to the size of the machine.

List of TP-Link products supported by RackMount Kit-13:

  • OC300

  • TL-R480T+

  • TL-SF1016DS/TL-SF1024D

  • TL-SG1008/TL-SG1008MP/TL-SG1016D/TL-SG1016DE/TL-SG1016PE/TL-SG1024D/TL-SG1024DE/TL-SG2210MP/TL-SG3210

  • TL-SX1008/TL-SX3206HPP           

Brand TP-Link

1 Year Warranty

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