Jabra Evolve 2 65 Flex: Honest Expert Review & First Impressions

Author: Paige  

13 June 2023 

Jabra Evolve 2 65 Flex: Honest Expert Review & First Impressions main image Jabra Evolve 2 65 Flex: Honest Expert Review & First Impressions image

Jabra Evolve 2 65 Flex, the latest addition to Jabra's renowned Evolve series, has arrived to revolutionise the way we work! 

As we adapt to the demands of hybrid working, this headset is here to keep us connected, focused, and comfortable no matter where our work takes us. With its:

  • Best-in-class Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)
  • Noise-cancelling Jabra ClearVoice microphones
  • and game-changing Jabra AirComfort™ technology

The Evolve 2 65 Flex sets a new standard for professional headsets. Its unique fold-and-go design ensures unrivalled portability, making it the ideal companion for dynamic professionals. 

Let's dive deeper into our initial worries about the hero headset. 


Why We Were Worried at Telrex

At Telrex, we approached the Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex with a mix of excitement and scepticism. We had encountered past issues with lightweight headsets that compromised quality and durability.

The idea of a portable professional headset with exceptional performance seemed almost too good to be true. However, we were willing to put our biases aside and give the Evolve 2 65 Flex a fair chance.

One of our primary concerns was the headset's lightweight construction. 

In the past, we had experienced flimsy headsets that felt cheap and fragile. We were worried that the Evolve 2 65 Flex might follow the same path. Additionally, we had reservations about its Bluetooth connectivity, battery life, comfort, and microphone quality. These were common pain points we had encountered with similar products before.

However, despite our reservations, we were determined to approach the testing process with an open mind. We knew that true assessment required thorough evaluation. We wanted to provide an unbiased review that would help our readers make informed decisions about their headset choices.

Initial Impressions: Overcoming Biases and Surprises

As we embarked on our testing journey with the Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex, we were fully aware of our biases and concerns. 

However, we were pleasantly surprised by our initial impressions. Check out this video to see just what we're talking about! Jabra Evolve 2 65 Flex Test

But before we delve into our experience, let's first outline how we conducted the testing process to ensure a comprehensive evaluation. Because it’s not only important on knowing how to choose a business headset, but how to test them! 

How to Test Headsets Properly

To provide an accurate and well-rounded review, we established a robust testing protocol for the Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex. Don't just use frequency tests like this, make sure to use them. Here's how we approached the evaluation:

  1. Extended Wear: We wore the headset for several days, allowing us to assess its comfort, weight distribution, and any potential discomfort during prolonged use.


  1. Cross-Device Compatibility: We tested the headset across different devices, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets. This helped us gauge its versatility and performance across various platforms.


  1. Diverse Environments: We evaluated the headset's performance in different spaces, both loud and quiet. This allowed us to assess its ability to block out background noise and provide a focused audio experience. Examples:


            Loud Environments: We tested the headset in bustling coffee shops, busy open offices, and other noisy settings to gauge its noise-cancellation capabilities.

           Quiet Environments: We also tested the headset in quiet spaces, such as home offices or libraries, to evaluate its audio quality in pristine conditions.


  1. Travel Testing: We took the headset on the road, using it during various modes of transportation like:
    • Airplanes
    • Trains
    • Buses
    • and even rideshares. 

This helped us assess its performance in transit and on-the-go scenarios.


  1. Video Conferencing and Phone Calls: We tested the Evolve 2 65 Flex on popular video conferencing platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and others, as well as regular phone calls. This allowed us to evaluate its microphone quality, audio clarity, and overall performance in communication scenarios.


With this comprehensive testing approach, we gathered feedback from different staff members representing various divisions within our organisation. 

Their insights and experiences helped shape our overall evaluation of the Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex.

Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex Trump's Past Issues

Despite our initial concerns, the Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex proved to be a remarkable headset that addressed our past issues and exceeded our expectations. Here's how it triumphed over our previous reservations:

  1. Lightweight and Portable Design

Our worries about flimsiness were quickly dispelled. The Evolve 2 65 Flex struck a perfect balance between lightweight construction and durability. 

It felt solid in hand and showed no signs of compromising on build quality. The portability factor was truly impressive, as the fold-and-go design made it incredibly easy to carry in handbags, laptop bags, and even small travel bags. 

This lightweight marvel ensured that headaches were reduced, allowing for longer wear throughout the day without discomfort.

  1. Microphone Performance:

One of our significant concerns was the quality of the microphone. 

However, the Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex surprised us with its exceptional microphone performance. Whether we were in a loud coffee shop or a bustling open office, the ClearVoice microphones effectively isolated our voice from the surrounding noise. The Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation proved to be far superior to what we had assumed, allowing us to communicate with clarity and precision in various environments. 

The Evolve2 65 Flex truly stands as a force to be reckoned with in the headset space.

  1. Hideaway Boom Arm for Versatility: 

The hideaway boom arm was an innovative feature that won us over instantly. It allowed us to seamlessly transition from work to play, making the Evolve 2 65 Flex perfect for both professional and personal use.

The boom arm neatly tucks away when not in use, ensuring a sleek and compact design. This versatility made the headset ideal for travelling, as we could be ready for a video call at a moment's notice. The flexibility and convenience of the hideaway boom arm truly elevated the user experience.


Truly, the Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex shattered our preconceived notions and demonstrated that it's unwise to judge a book by its cover. It not only addressed our previous concerns but also exceeded our expectations, leaving us impressed and excited about its potential.

Superior Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation

Say goodbye to distracting background noise with the Evolve2 65 Flex's superior Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation. 

This technology combines both feedforward and feedback ANC, providing an immersive audio experience that allows you to stay focused on your tasks. Whether you're working in a bustling coffee shop or a busy open office, the Evolve2 65 Flex ensures crystal-clear audio by actively reducing external distractions. With ANC this powerful, you'll feel like you have your own private oasis of productivity wherever you go.

Jabra ClearVoice Microphones with Superior Voice-Isolation

Effective communication is vital in today's collaborative work environments. 

The Jabra Evolve 2 65 Flex is equipped with Jabra ClearVoice microphones, designed to ensure your voice is heard with clarity and precision. These advanced microphones use intelligent noise-cancelling algorithms to filter out background noise, allowing you to speak naturally without interruptions. 

Whether you're on a conference call or participating in a virtual meeting, the Evolve 2 65 Flex guarantees that your voice will come through loud and clear, ensuring seamless communication with your colleagues and clients.

Jabra AirComfort Technology for Out-of-this-World Comfort

Comfort is paramount when it comes to headsets that are meant to be worn throughout the day. 

Jabra understands this, which is why they have incorporated their innovative Jabra AirComfort technology into the Evolve 2 65 Flex. This technology uses a combination of ergonomic design and premium materials to provide an exceptionally comfortable fit. The lightweight construction ensures that you won't experience any discomfort, even during those long work sessions. 

The Evolve 2 65 Flex is so comfortable that you might even forget you're wearing it!

Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex: The Hero Product of Jabra's Mid-Range Evolve2 Lineup

We are thrilled to introduce the Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex as the hero product of our latest mid-range Evolve 2 lineup. 

This headset is designed to keep up with the fast-paced demands of hybrid working. Imagine starting your day with an 8 am meeting from the comfort of your home, followed by a mid-day catch-up session at your favourite local café, and ending with an in-person presentation in the afternoon.

With the Evolve 2 65 Flex, you'll have a headset that's as flexible and dynamic as you are. No matter where your work takes you, this headset ensures that your attention remains undivided, allowing you to perform at your best. 

Get ready to transform your hybrid workday with the Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex!

Personalisation Using Jabra Direct & Jabra Sound+

One of the standout features of the Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex is the ability to personalise and tailor the headset to your specific needs. Jabra Direct and Jabra Sound+ are the tools that enable this customization, providing a truly personalised audio experience. 

Jabra Direct: Easy Customization, Management, and Deployment

Jabra Direct is a powerful software application that allows users to customise, manage, and deploy their Jabra headsets effortlessly. 

With Jabra Direct, you have complete control over your Evolve 2 65 Flex headset. You can easily adjust settings, update firmware, and access valuable insights about your device. This user-friendly application ensures that you can optimise your headset's performance and make it work exactly how you want it to.

Jabra Sound+: Tailoring Your Sound Experience

Jabra Sound+ is a companion app that takes personalization to the next level. 

This app offers a range of features that allow you to customise and enhance your audio experience with the Evolve 2 65 Flex. Here's what you can expect:

  1. MySound: MySound is a groundbreaking feature that enables you to hear your music the way it was meant to be heard. By taking an in-app hearing test and calibrating the headphones based on your individual hearing profile, MySound optimises the audio output specifically for you. This personalised sound profile ensures a truly immersive and tailored listening experience.


  1. Hints, Tips, and Tricks: Jabra Sound+ provides a wealth of information and guidance to help you make the most of your headset. From button functionalities to firmware update notifications, the app ensures that you are always up to date and equipped with the latest features and improvements.


  1. Customisation Options: Jabra Sound+ allows you to further personalise your headset to suit your preferences. You can fine-tune audio settings, adjust equaliser presets, and explore various sound modes. Whether you're a bass enthusiast or prefer a balanced sound signature, Jabra Sound+ empowers you to create your desired audio profile.


By leveraging the capabilities of Jabra Direct and Jabra Sound+, you can unlock the full potential of your Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex headset. These tools not only provide a seamless and intuitive user experience but also ensure that your headset remains at the forefront of audio technology through regular firmware updates and feature enhancements.

Unlocking Productivity with the Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex

The Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex is not just another ordinary headset; it's a powerful productivity tool that empowers professionals to excel in their work. 

Let's explore some key features and benefits that make the Evolve 2 65 Flex a must-have companion for your hybrid work life.

  1. All-Day Comfort and Freedom

With its lightweight design and Jabra AirComfort technology, the Evolve 2 65 Flex ensures all-day comfort without compromising on performance. 

Say goodbye to headaches and discomfort caused by heavy headsets. The ergonomic fit and premium materials make wearing the Evolve 2 65 Flex a pleasure, even during extended work sessions. Enjoy the freedom of movement, whether you're working at your desk or on the move, knowing that your headset will stay securely in place.


  1. Seamless Collaboration and Communication

Effective communication is the backbone of successful collaboration. 

The Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex is equipped with Jabra ClearVoice microphones that deliver exceptional voice isolation. Whether you're participating in a virtual meeting or making a phone call, your voice will be heard with clarity and precision. 

The Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation ensures that background distractions are minimised, allowing you to focus on what matters most—efficient and effective communication.


  1. Versatility for Hybrid Working

As hybrid working becomes the new norm, the Evolve 2 65 Flex rises to the occasion. 

Its unique fold-and-go design enables seamless transitions between different work environments. From your home office to a local café or a bustling co-working space, the Evolve 2 65 Flex adapts to your needs. The hideaway boom arm allows you to effortlessly switch between work and play, making it the perfect companion for both professional and personal use. 

Stay connected and productive, no matter where your work takes you.


  1. Certified for Leading Virtual Meeting Platforms

The Evolve 2 65 Flex is certified for leading virtual meeting platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and more. This ensures seamless compatibility and optimised performance, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in virtual collaborations. 

Experience crystal-clear audio and reliable connectivity, enabling you to engage in productive meetings and make an impact with your voice.


  1. Easy Customization and Management

Jabra Direct and Jabra Sound+ provide a seamless ecosystem for customising and managing your Evolve 2 65 Flex headset. 

With Jabra Direct, you can easily adjust settings, update firmware, and access valuable insights. Meanwhile, Jabra Sound+ allows you to tailor your sound experience, fine-tuning audio settings to suit your preferences. These tools ensure that your headset is personalised to your unique needs, keeping you in control and maximising your productivity.

Elevate Your Work Experience with the Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex

The Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex transcends the limitations of traditional headsets, empowering professionals with a flexible and high-performance solution for their hybrid work life. Its exceptional comfort, advanced audio technologies, and seamless collaboration features make it the ultimate productivity tool. 

Embrace the freedom to work wherever, communicate effortlessly, and unlock your full potential with the Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex.

Summary of The Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex - Your Hybrid Workday Companion

In today's fast-paced and dynamic work environment, the Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence. 

This headset redefines what it means to be a professional headset, offering best-in-class Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation, Jabra ClearVoice microphones, and unparalleled comfort in a portable design. 

Let's recap the key reasons why the Evolve 2 65 Flex should be your go-to choice for a productive hybrid work life:

  1. Portability and Comfort: The lightweight and foldable design, combined with Jabra AirComfort technology, ensures all-day comfort and freedom of movement, no matter where you work.


  1. Clear Communication: Jabra ClearVoice microphones and Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation deliver crystal-clear audio and effective voice isolation, allowing for seamless collaboration and communication.


  1. Versatility for Hybrid Work: The Evolve 2 65 Flex effortlessly adapts to different work environments, making it the perfect companion for professionals embracing hybrid workstyles.


  1. Certified for Leading Platforms: With certification for leading virtual meeting platforms, the Evolve2 65 Flex guarantees optimised performance and reliability during virtual collaborations.


  1. Personalization with Jabra Direct and Jabra Sound+: Jabra Direct enables easy customization and management of your headset, while Jabra Sound+ allows you to tailor your sound experience, creating a truly personalised audio journey.


The Jabra Evolve 2 65 Flex breaks the mould of traditional headsets, providing a powerful tool that enhances productivity, connectivity, and comfort. It's time to elevate your work experience and embrace the flexibility and performance that the Evolve 2 65 Flex offers.

Talk to a Telrex Expert About the Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex

If you're ready to experience the transformative capabilities of the Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex, don't hesitate to reach out to a Telrex expert. Our knowledgeable team is ready to provide guidance, answer your questions, and help you make an informed decision.

Revolutionise your hybrid workday with the Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex and unlock a new level of productivity and connectivity.


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How does the Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex does in airplan

By: on 3 November 2023
Hello, How does the Jabra Evolve 2 65 flex do on an airplane with its noise cancelling watching movie or listening to music?

Telrex Response
Hi Peisia, On an airplane the jabra evolve2 65 flex is quite a good option. While it doesn’t have ANC, the passive noise isolation can still help to some extent in reducing cabin noise. However, it might not be as effective as headphones specifically designed with ANC. Although they are a great option if you're tight on space in your bag or want a lightweight headset. If you want more of an effective option, I would suggest the Evolve2 85 or over-ear headphone style. These will be perfect for noise cancellation and watching movies or music; feel free to contact our experts for any other queries you may have.

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